Benefits of Education Catering for Students

Delicious and healthy food organised and served without ever having to worry – this is what gather by Cater Care prides itself on achieving. But, did you know convenience isn’t the only benefit to outsourced education catering in schools, colleges, and universities?

Provides a sense of community and connection
Attending school or college without having anyone familiar can be intimidating, however, shared mealtimes in a common area offer a great social opportunity for students to meet others and make connections. With students having all different schedules and classes it can be challenging to make friends and as a result, can be an isolating experience for many. gather by Cater Care is wholly focused on bringing the schooling community together and sparking new conversations by creating a sense of ‘home away from home’ with nourishing yet delicious meals. Having a structured social time every day for students to connect is invaluable for overall mental health and wellbeing.

Provides balanced and nutritious meals
We want all students to excel, however, a diet of two-minute noodles and takeout is not conducive to a healthy, productive, and happy person. As a result, gather education catering focuses on providing a nutrient-dense and balanced diet. All meals are based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating in conjunction with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healthy Eating Guidelines, and the meal program revolves around a nutritionally-balanced menu whilst educating students on building habits to create a healthy lifestyle, beyond the school or university gates. Students can trust that their meals are fresh and delicious, made with seasonal produce freshly sourced from suppliers, while still meeting daily nutrient goals.

Provides Convenience for Students and Education Facilities
Planning a menu whilst meeting guidelines for food safety and management can be stressful – let us take the guesswork out. With a national operational management structure, our team are experts in all aspects of education catering and can provide a seamless system within any facility. Our partnership allows us to provide nourishing and delicious meals, with your feedback and input, meaning you know your students are receiving the best meals possible without ever having to worry. Our onsite teams are experts in their field, preparing incredible food everyday and following the guidelines set out by our individual state support teams, such as our General Manager of Food, Corporate Dieticians and more. Make the mealtime experience easy with gather.

With a huge variety of benefits to utilising outsourced education catering within your school or university, our team is here to help you choose what will work best. Whether you are a school, college, or university, education catering by gather will provide highly nutritious, balanced, and delicious meals to your students. To find out more, or chat to one of our team members, please reach out today.

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