“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

Robert Urich, Film, television, and stage actor, and television producer

From gathering fresh ingredients to carefully curating each meal, our dishes are classic and contemporary, look good and taste good, and provide a variety of authentic flavours.

With gather, we create a food experience that not only delivers balanced menus providing the essential nutrition your students require, but also contributes to developing their palettes and appreciation for a range of cuisines, and brings your school community together through the celebration of food.

Enhancing the dining experience

The focus of gather is on continually improving your food and service provision to emulate the vibrancy of your school/ college community. 

  • A recipe library: to provide inspiration for new ideas when creating menus. 
  • Reference menus: to  keep up with the ever-changing culinary landscape  and ensure the menus are tailored to the demographics and dietary requirements.
  • Menu development: to take into account seasonal changes, the availability of fresh foods and any locally grown delicacies or products into consideration
  • Annual food presentation training: to ensure the food is presented to the highest standard.
  • New food solutions and concepts:  to keep the food service fresh and captivating for your students/residents.

Innovative Food Concepts

Student engagement

As part of gather’s core values and commitment to site communities, we curate regular themed events that provide an exciting change to the routine of everyday catering. We take great pride in dining and crafting experiences designed to surprise and delight students and residents each term.

Whether it be transforming the servery into the South American festival of Carnival or transporting students and residents to the Greek Islands, or perhaps even going down the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland theme…

Theme days also include bespoke menu items which will add variety for your students and create a sense of celebration.

Our mission remains to curate events that are bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before, standing out from the crowd of other education catering providers, while still supporting our commitment to delivering food and service excellence.

The fondest memories are made gathered around the table.

Staff training and delivery

When building gather, laying down a strong foundation with our team members was critical when it came to elevating what we provide our students and residents.

Our commitment to training extends well beyond the typical online module that’s a tick and flick activity for most.

Our Food Team, Learning and Development Specialists and more received stellar feedback from our training delivery across the country.

“Feedback from team members stated that after the customer service training for example, they were challenged to provide more of a personal service to our customers/residents. They found themselves challenging each other to excel in customer service.”  Regional Learning and Development Specialist – gather. by Cater Care.

Read more in-depth about how our training stands out from other catering companies. 

Merchandise selection and support

Over 175 hours (a conservative estimate) was dedicated to carefully curating the gather kitchenware, refurbishments and education materials for each and every one of our sites. This commitment makes sure that your site is not only set for success during the mobilisation, but also has the infrastructure to operate smoothly for years to come. 

Ensuring that each merchandise piece selected was of the highest, hospitality-grade quality, while allowing it to express a rustic and comfort-centric theme, which truly comes alive through every part of the servery whether it’s the sleek signage, modern dispensers or wooden baskets. 

The look and feel however only goes so far, it’s really our operators and support teams that drive the essence of gather. Our on-site gather teams are dedicated to making sure students and residents have a positive and connecting mealtime experience. They create the home away from home, and join in on building the schooling community. 

Additionally, our national operational structure of support teams that are in-office ensure the resources for gather are of the highest quality and that our on-site teams have everything they need to make students and residents feel taken care of.  

Ensuring consistent quality

A healthy eating program has been specifically designed to support the nutritional requirements and challenges of students. On a quarterly basis, our in-house dietitians conduct a detailed review and approval process of each menu at each site.

Food Forums are held to give the students a voice and hear their feedback on the current menu and services, allowing us to move forwards with a customised, and flexible approach. Furthermore, the satisfaction program will be carried out via a QR code, enabling us to collect students’ dietary preferences in a single and easy step. The results will be used to develop nourishing menus and create exciting event nights.

Transition and Mobilisation

Our national operational management structure will provide support to every site, which will be followed up by the state support teams as well as on-site experts.

We understand the importance of having efficient and effective pre-planning with established deadlines, communication pathways and progress monitoring. It is the strength of our systems, theexperience of our teams and the communication with all stakeholders involved which ensures timing and logistics are correctly coordinated throughout these periods.





servery at the dining hall

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David is the Client Development Manager for gather and he’s looking forward to understanding the unique needs of your education community. Get in touch with him to have a quick chat about how gather can provide your students and residents with a well-rounded and connecting mealtime experience.

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