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Education catering is approaching a new era, with principals, bursars and business managers all seeking a unique, resident and student first approach. The food is just the beginning of enhancing the mealtime experience. Elevating menu planning to developing culinary innovations that keep up with the changing catering landscape, to ensuring residents’ and students’ holistic development are just some of the key aspects that count when it comes to supporting schooling and tertiary communities now and in the future.

1075 hours, (or if you prefer that translates to 64,500 minutes).

These numbers represent a snapshot of the time in effort, planning and diligence required for a service provider to evolve within the ever-changing education catering landscape.

As such, we are proud to build on 22 years of firm foundational knowledge and practice as a catering provider for schools and universities through the welcoming of our new education brand, gather. by Cater Care.

Since its inception in 2020, more than 787 hours have accumulated in the research, conceptualisation, design, and in gaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ wants and needs for food services and catering. This due diligence means gather. enters the conversation with a client already having a firm understanding and action plan to meet desires, mitigate pain points and create an above-and-beyond mealtime experience.

As we move into this next phase of enhancing mealtime experiences, our on-site teams are well-equipped to support our residents’ and students’ needs whether it be through fulfilling the dietary requirements of each university and school meal served, the education behind the nutrition or by expanding students’ food knowledge through informative, and unique on-site marketing.

Over 175 hours were dedicated to carefully curating the gather. educational materials, kitchenware and refurbishments for our sites, and more than 113 hours to creating, and delivering, a detailed, interactive training program for our gather. team members across the country. This commitment makes sure that your site is not only set for success during the mobilisation, but also has the infrastructure to operate smoothly for years to come.

A conservative 1075 combined hours of work, expertise and diligence from the Business Development, Corporate Food, Training, Marketing, Compliance and operational teams across the business, has led to the creation, and now launch, of gather. by Cater Care. We are thrilled to be providing our unique offering to the Australian education catering services industry, and ultimately, when we gather., we are propelling thousands of students and residents each day to reach their fullest potential, beyond just nutrition.

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