Diverse Dining: gather’s Multicultural Food Catering for Schools 

At gather by Cater Care, we believe that food is more than just something we eat to stay healthy. It’s a central touchpoint in our lives, a source of fond memories, and an important part of our development. Food’s developmental role is especially important in education settings; while education catering should first serve to support student’s health and wellbeing, it should also be used as a tool to expose them to new experiences and cultures to help them grow as people. 


The role of food catering for schools 

Good nutrition through good food is the foundation of a good lifestyle. In schools and residential halls, it’s essential that students are fed the right balance of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals they need to feel and perform their best. This is doubly important in boarding settings, where the catering they’re served may well be their only nutritional intake, and needs to be able to holistically support them as such.

gather’s team of expert cooks, chefs, and in-house dietitians ensure that all students have their needs met each time they sit down at a meal. At the same time, we pride ourselves on going beyond that: we design rich and varied menus that support students while also fostering a sense of community, sharing a sense of inclusion, and encouraging exploration of other cultures.


Dishing up diversity 

gather draws from a broad base of culinary experience that shapes the food catering for schools we deliver. Our goal of delivering authentic, nourishing food isn’t limited to food from one culture, and we strive to ensure that students can enjoy new and varied meals on a regular basis. While a boy’s school might enjoy a familiar Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with Creamy Garlic Sauce one night, they might enjoy Moussaka with Cannellini Beans the next; both simple and nourishing meals, but one encourages students to test their boundaries. Our varied menus are supplemented by quarterly releases of exciting new food concepts, such as our Build Your Own Soup or Native Ingredients & Flavours programs. 


Setting the theme 

Our commitment to helping students expand their world view goes beyond regular dining. Major dates that matter to a student population, like Christmas or Easter, will be recognised by the site team with unique menus built with meals from across the world, chosen at the Head Chef’s discretion.

Our Major Themes Program is our premier way of breaking up the day-to-day dining. Last year’s Mexican Fiesta was a bright and colourful theme that took inspiration from Cinco De Mayo and Dia De Los Muertos, dressing sites in pastel pink and blue streamers and tassels while students dined on enchiladas and tamales. 2024’s They Come As Vikings! sees students braving the cold Northern Seas to learn more about the people, the beliefs, and of course the food of the Scandinavian continent. 


Nourishing bodies, nourishing minds 

Using food as a tool to encourage the exploration of other worlds can offer a range of benefits to students. Broadening the culinary horizons of students serves as a stepping stone towards taking an interest in the beliefs and values of other cultures, which in turn encourages empathy and understanding. Serving meals chosen from a wide selection of cultures also allows students from diverse backgrounds to feel more recognised and valued, helping to foster a sense of community and belonging. 

First a plate, then a plane 

Rich, varied, and culturally diverse menus enrich the dining experiences of all students, but they also contribute to the groundwork of student’s awareness of the wider world. Diverse experiences and extensive education are important building blocks for shaping the character of a responsible global citizen, and serving a dish outside the norm is an excellent place to start.

If you’re ready to help your students take a step outside their comfort zones and enjoy a taste of another world, get in touch with our team via the details below. 

To find out more, get in touch with David O’Brien to have a quick chat about how gather can provide your students and residents with a well-rounded and connecting mealtime experience.

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