Introduce gather by Cater Care

Cater Care invests in transforming the education catering landscape

Cater Care’s next phase when it comes to investing in the ever-changing education catering industry is marked by the introduction of gather by Cater Care.

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The time in research, training and overall care has allowed for a solid foundation for gather which sets schools, colleges and universities up for success, and creates a smooth operational infrastructure for years to come.

The food is just the beginning when it comes to enhancing the mealtime experience and while gather by Cater Care elevates menu planning through the creation of nourishing yet delicious meals, gather also serves its residents holistically and authentically by supporting their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Key messages from gather brand

Bryce Williams, the Chief Operating Officer of Cater Care’s Urban division, has spotlighted how gather successfully addresses a gap in the market for a unique catering approach, which places emphasis on the entire schooling community.

“The school is where residents and staff spend a majority of their time, it’s where they grow into themselves and build futures. Hence, creating a welcoming environment, a home away from home for all, where students and residents can settle in, share a meal and achieve their highest potential, should be at the core of education catering,” says Williams.

David O’Brien, the Client Development Manager for gather, echoes Williams’ sentiment and has expressed how gather can push the education sector further when it comes to service commitments and delivery.

gather builds on Cater Care’s steadfast service commitments of more than 22 years. We’re eager for this next phase to be multi-dimensional and not just focused around the meal being served, but rather the entire nurturing atmosphere involved with education catering,” stated O’Brien.

gather by Cater Care creates a mealtime experience for students and residents that not only provides essential nutrition, but also connects the schooling community through the celebration of delicious, authentic food. We believe, when students gather, wholesome food is the only option.

With a new strategy behind education catering that will allow students and residents to flourish in their formative years, as well as an elevated look and feel, gather by Cater Care is here to propel thousands of students and residents each day to reach their fullest potential, beyond just nutrition

Introducing a new brand offering catering service provisions for the education sector

With Cater Care being a 100% Australian owned and operated, leading catering and facilities services provider that creates a home away from home, gather builds on The Cater Care Way core values of Care, Pride and Community – firmly setting us apart from competitors.

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