Life at the steaming edge: gather’s dining innovations 

The modern world changes quickly, and the expectations and desires of the modern student body change along with it. Students today expect their school catering offering to be fresh and innovative and to keep students engaged, school campuses and residential halls need to be able to offer a catering solution that evolves as rapidly as they do. Here at gather by Cater Care (gather), we’re focused on providing new food solutions and exciting food concepts to keep the service captivating for your students. Our offerings are designed to remain fresh and engaging, and when we partner with your school, we’ll work to bring any kitchen or cafeteria up to the standards of twenty first century world-class school catering.


Understanding the art of ambiance

Eating with your eyes applies to more than just the food. The dining areas that your student body will relax, socialise, and dine in will play an important role in setting the mood and atmosphere of your school, and it’s important to consider this when developing a tailored food solution. As part of your partnership with gather, we’ll work with you to enhance your school’s dining area and facilities where possible to help build an inviting light and air atmosphere that brings a sense of modernity and cleanliness. These improvements can include features such as the flat-top induction food displays retrofitted to Union College, which serve to bring the food closer to the eye and highlight its freshness, colour, and aromas. When combined with the black gather displays, holding dishes, and matching serving tools, they all come together to build a sleek and modern presentation of the food that helps gather dining areas feel light, bright, and inviting. 

servery at the dining hall
Keeping it fresh

Here at gather, we understand that new food solutions and exciting food concepts are part of keeping the food service fresh and engaging for your students, and we continually strive to innovate and provide new offerings to our education partners. Several of our innovations are centred around our philosophy of developing food literacy, and make efforts to actively engage students in their own catering and dining process. 

As part of this, we believe that our food should be more than just a meal; it should be an experience that genuinely engages our students. Programs such as our Paella Night adds some theatre to dinner by having gather staff cook and serve authentic paella straight from the pan, or our Wok Nights which encourage students to get involved with preparing their own meals to experience the ‘breath of the wok’. To round out our engagement, gather’s Major Themes offers education partners a chance to make over their dining halls with the sights and sounds of another time and place, such as the recent La Cocina theme that immersed inner-city schools in the flavourscape of Mexico. 

theme poster

In addition to our work to make food an experience, our team members can also offer gather by Cater Care Cooking Classes to provide essential life skills to students to foster independence and self-sufficiency. Some of our offerings emphasise student engagement by encouraging them to tweak the menu to their own tastes, such as the Eggs Your Way program that allows students to choose from a wide range of preparation styles. Similarly, our Make Your Own Noodle Bowl offering allows students to choose their own noodle and protein options before a member of the gather catering team safely adds their choice of delicious tom yum or laksa broth. 


The lesser of two evils 

At gather, we understand that students seek a wide range of exciting and flavourful foods to snack on, and we strive to provide healthy alternatives as much as possible to support their health and nutrition while still allowing them to get their flavour fix. Everyone loves flavoured drinks, but you’re less likely to love the raft of unhealthy ingredients and additives included in your average can of soft drink. 
Our iced water infusion dispensers tempt students to make healthier options for their beverage (such as watermelon & kiwifruit or lemon & lime), all while remaining flavourful and effectively hydrating. On designated days of the week, students will also be provided with a cold press juice machine and a selection of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to encourage them to make their own freshly squeezed 100% natural juice. When provided, both of these offerings are displayed with hydration and nutrition fact sheets to encourage uptake. Healthy snack options are also provided as part of the regular food service.
seasonal water infusion
Serving up modernity 

While we recognise the importance of tradition, students value modern and forward thinking when it comes to matters of culture and school catering. If you’re looking to modernise the education catering offering your school or residential hall can provide, gather by Cater Care is just the partner to turn to. Reach out to David O’Brien for a no-obligation chat about your school’s offering and options. 

To find out more, get in touch with David O’Brien to have a quick chat about how gather can provide your students and residents with a well-rounded and connecting mealtime experience.

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